Dave Astle

Dave Astle started programming games more than 20 years ago and has been programming games professionally for more than 5 years. He is currently a Staff Engineer at ATI Technologies in the Handheld ISV group. Prior to that, we was a staff engineer in QUALCOMM's Gaming and Graphics group, where he was one of the lead OpenGL ES developers. He is the cofounder, Executive Vice President, and Executive Producer of GameDev.net, the leading online community for game developers. He co-authored More OpenGL Game Programming, Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, OpenGL Game Programming, and OpenGL ES Game Development, and has contributed to many other game development books, both as an author and as an editor. He is a regular speaker at game industry conferences. He received his bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Utah.

When not hunched over his laptop, Dave enjoys weightlifting, mountain biking, music, cooking, going to the beach, reading, collecting rhinos, and playing with his 5 kids. He lives in Temecula, CA.

Paul Baker

Paul Baker has a first class degree in Mathematics from Oxford University, and a Masters degree in Computing from Imperial College London. On leaving university, he spent some time working in the software division of a major silicon chip designer. He left to pursue his ambition of writing his own software. Paul's areas of interest include graphics, emulation and operating systems. His website, showcasing several of his projects in these areas, can be found at http://www.paulsprojects.net.

Dimi Christopoulos

Dimi Christopoulos studied Computer Engineering and Informatics at the University of Patras, Greece and holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Virtual Reality and Computer Graphics from the University of Hull in Great Britain. He started game programming in the 80's, and has been using OpenGL since 1997. He currently works as a Virtual Reality and 3D Graphics Software Engineer, and spends time coding freeware games and demos and sharing his knowledge by writing tutorials. He contributed to the demo CD for OpenGL Game Programming, and has also written for NeHe. For more information, visit his personal website at http://vrbytes.port5.com or vrbytes.bizhat.com.

Jason Citron

Jason Citron graduated as valedictorian from Full Sail in 2004 with a Bachelors of Science in Game Design and Development. He focused his studies on the system architecture and people process issues present in game development. Currently, he is working at Stormfront Studios in California.

Angus Dorbie

Angus started out in 3D graphics modeling buildings for architects. He moved on to develop simulator graphics for Marconi, worked on Virtual Reality systems for Division, worked in the Reality Center at Silicon Graphics, as well as for the applied engineering group and on the Performer development team in the Advanced Systems Division for Silicon Graphics. He worked for Keyhole (now Google Earth) writing the first version of their global MIP map image processing tool chain, and created their client image overlay component. More recently Angus has helped develop graphics middleware for NOKIA, worked on an Xbox title for Atari and currently helps design OpenGL ES graphics hardware as a systems engineer for QUALCOMM.

Wael El Oraiby

Wael started programming at age 13. His love for electronics and software led him to an engineering diploma in computer and communication at the IUL Beirut, where he successfully built a low cost 3D laser scanner with his friend. Later he went to France and obtained a Masters degree in Computer Science from both Université de Haute Alsace and Université Louis Pasteur. You'll now find him doing a PhD in computer science, pursuing algorithms that tackle k-sets, Delaunay and Voronoi diagrams

David Elder

David Elder is a Ph.D. student at Boston University. His research focuses on neural network models of steering and obstacle avoidance, and on GPU-based neural network simulation techniques. His hobbies include graphics and games, and he plans to pursue a career in the graphics industry following the completion of his degree.

Andrei Gradinari

Andrei Gradinari is 5th year student in Technical University of Moldova. He studies Computer Science. Andrei has been programming computer graphics for 4 years. His professional activity in game programming started in 2004 when he joined the War of Clans development team. His major programming interests are graphics programming (OpenGL and Direct3D), in-game physics simulation, and networking. You can learn more about his projects at http://www.glplanet3d.newmail.ru.

Lukas Heise

Lukas works for an international insurance company which is based in Stockholm, Sweden. He develops new solutions to problems by approaching them from a unique perspective. During his free time he enjoys being with his friends or weightlifting at the gym. He believes in keeping both his mind and body in harmony.

Robert Jones

Robert Jones is still alive; he considers this to be a good thing. Having been programming since the age of 12, when his friend showed him some BASIC code, he cut most of his programming teeth on an Atari STe using 68000 Assembler. In 2000, aged 20, he discovered OpenGL and has been hooked ever since. Since first hearing of it he has been a huge proponent of the OpenGL Shading Language, pushing it and the standard whenever he can.

Baldur Karlsson

Baldur Karlsson was born in Dundee, Scotland in 1987. He got his first Amiga 500+ at the age of 5. 6 years later, the owner of a PC, he bought a book called C: The Complete Reference and has been programming ever since. At 14 he took an interest in OpenGL programming. He is just starting a Bachelor of Science degree in Computing Science & Mathematics at the University of Edinburgh.

Jesse Laeuchli

Jesse is a self-taught programmer who is currently pursing a degree at the University of Notre Dame. As a child of a Foreign Service officer, he has lived in foreign countries such as China, Taiwan, Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Hungary. He has written articles on graphics programming for several computer books and web sites, including Game Programming Gems 2, Graphics Programming Methods, ShaderX2 and ShaderX3. He is also an avid epee fencer.

Josh Petrie

Josh Petrie graduated from DigiPen Institute of Technology with a Bachelor's of Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation, where he studied graphics programming, particularly non-photorealistic techniques. He currently works for Big Huge Games in Maryland.

Luke Philpot

Luke is a student from Australia. He started learning C++ at the age of 11 and soon took an interest in OpenGL. He is a keen game developer and is always on the look out for a good game idea.

Evan Pipho

A self-taught programmer, Evan has been using OpenGL since discovering GameDev.net in 2000. Now working in the mobile game industry, Evan continues to work with OpenGL and 3D graphics in his spare time. He also previously authored Focus on 3D Models, published in 2002 by Premier Press.

Andres Reinot

Andres Reinot is a graduate of Iowa State University where he earned a degree in Computer Science and worked at the Virtual Reality Applications Center. A native Estonian, Andres now lives in Cedar Falls, Iowa, and is part owner of a start-up game studio called 8monkey Labs. His other interests include drawing, digital painting, 3D modeling, and of course computer graphics. You can see his work at http://www.reinot.com.

Vladimir Repcak

Vladimir Repcak received a degree in Economics in 1999. After 5 years of working in that field while programming at night, he decided to switch industries and founded VladR Games where he works on online and budget PC games to build up his portfolio and secure financing for a bigger game. He maintains a website at http://www.avenger.sk.

James Ritts

James Ritts received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science in 2003 from the University of California, San Diego. Having no travel money following graduation, he immediately joined the OpenGL ES group at QUALCOMM, Inc., where he continues to work as an engineer. His interests include amateur astronomy, graphics programming, guitar pedal construction and jazz.

Maciej Sawitus

Maciej graduated from Warsaw University in 2005 with an M.Sc. in Software Engineering. His main interests are general game engine development and modern 3D rendering techniques.

Andrei Stoian

Andrei Stoian will begin his first year of college at the Polytechnic University of Bucharest after finishing the IB diploma program in Norway. He is a self-taught programmer and will be studying Computer Science/Electrical Engineering in a 4 year program. His computer interests include graphics, physics simulations, web programming, geographic information systems, cryptography and security.

Brian Story

Brian Story started programming at an early age and easily found it to be what he wanted to do with his life. With the 'what' discovered, he has since spent his time trying to discover the 'who' and 'where'. In 2002, Brian graduated from Full Sail with an associates degree in game design and development, and started a small shareware company soon after. Brian enjoys life with his wife Chandra and 2 cats in Orlando Florida.

Lee Thomason

Lee Thomason is a professional software architect who works in San Francisco. He is happily married, and enjoys rock climbing, swimming, photography, kites, and experimenting with software for graphics and video games. He is the creator and maintainer of several open source projects: the 3D game engine Lilith3D; Kyra, a sprite engine; an A* pathfinder called MicroPather; and the small and popular XML parser TinyXml. All of the projects can be accessed at SourceForge or from http://www.grinninglizard.com.

Joel Villagrana

Joel was born in 1978 in Guadalajara, Mexico and has liked videogames since he was a child. He pursued a bachelor's degree in Computer Science in his my native city's university where he hoped to learn how to create games; motivated by the lack of good CG courses in national universities and his interest in games, he went to the UK to pursue a master's degree in Virtual Environments. Currently he's back in Mexico working as a software engineer for IBM, but he looks forward to a career in the game industry. In his free time he enjoys being with his wife and 1 year old daughter, taking photographs, or programming.