Welcome to the official website for More OpenGL Game Programming, available now from Course Technology PTR. Here you will find information about what's contained in the book. You'll also find material supporting the book, including source code for all the demos, bonus material, and any errata we may find.

More OpenGL Game Programming is a follow-up to the successful Beginning OpenGL Game Programming, and an indirect follow-up to OpenGL Game Programming. It was edited by Dave Astle, who worked with more than 20 contributing authors. The book will teach you advanced OpenGL topics, including shaders, vertex buffer objects, framebuffer objects, advanced texturing and lighting methods, and much more.


Due to a publishing error, Paul Baker was not properly credited as the author of Chapter 3 in the first printing.

Where to get it

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Table of Contents

Part I - Advanced OpenGL
Chapter 1 - OpenGL Potpourri
 - Vertex Buffer Objects
 - Pixel Buffer Objects
 - Framebuffer Objects
 - Floating point buffers
 - Multisampling
 - Occlusion Queries
 - User Clip Planes
 - Disabling VSync

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Shaders

Chapter 3 - Low-level Shaders

Chapter 4 - The OpenGL Shading Language

Chapter 5 - Advanced Texture Mapping
 - Anisotropic Filtering
 - Compressed Textures
 - Floating point textures
 - Non-power-of-two textures and texture rectangles
 - Bump mapping
 - Parallax Mapping
 - Displacement Mapping
 - Detail Texturing
 - Projective Textures
 - Dynamic Texturing

Part II - Graphics Toolbox
Chapter 6 - Advanced Lighting and Shading
 - Advanced Lighting and Materials
 - Deferred Shading
 - HDR Lighting and Rendering
 - Non-Photo Realistic Rendering

Chapter 7 - Special Effects
 - Billboarding
 - Particle systems
 - Glow
 - Reflections
 - Robust Multi Level Reflections
 - Shadows

Chapter 8 - Rendering Nature
 - Rendering Water
 - Plants and vegetation
 - Procudural Foliage
 - Fur

Chapter 9 - Rendering Skies
 - Skyplanes
 - Skyboxes
 - Skydomes
 - Cloud generation and rendering
Chapter 10 - Terrain Rendering
 - Heightmaps
 - Terrain Generation
 - Terrain Rendering
 - Terrain Texturing
Part III - Elements of a Game
Chapter 11 - Working with 3D Models

Chapter 12 - Scene Management